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Via Uomo: Menswear For The Contemporary Man

Via Uomo: Menswear For The Contemporary Man

Value craftsmanship, elegance and comfort portray the European-style shirts of the VIA UOMO brand dressing fashion-forward men since 2010. Men welcome the stability of the shirts as well as their rareness and how comfortable they are to wear. VIA UOMO are the best luxury shirts for men because they are prepared from the finest quality and are as comfortable as they are fashionable. Acknowledged for the fact that every shirt has its own uniqueness wearing a VIA UOMO shirt is quite a fashion statement.

The shirts are made using trendy color hues and distinctive stitching with original design details that set the brand spaced out from more traditional brands of men’s shirts. The shirts are designed and produced in Europe with the finest European fabrics such as blends of soft cotton and cotton sateen fabrics. VIA UOMO shirts are not for the budget conscientious guy but for gentlemen that truly realize value and quality in a shirt.

Men value the sporty and very classy summer line of shirts. Togged up in a VIA UOMO shirt gives men the power of elegance in a very manly way.
There are several styles to select from including long sleeve, short sleeve and polo. The polo variety is a mixture of color, whites and blacks. The Summer Collection of shirts is in pastels, stripes and plaids. These shirts are designed to be versatile because they are elegant enough to wear on the town yet stylishly comfortable on the beach. Every shirt is made with the same concentration to detail, is perfection personified and has the feel of crisp Italian fashion.

VIA UOMO Summer Collection:
• Avellino
• Saluo Short Sleeve
• UP Long Sleeve
• UP Short Sleeve
• Como Short Sleeve
• Perrona
• Parroni
• Lanciano
• Arielli

VIA UOMO Polo Collection:
• Bussero
• Burago
• Torlino
• Lurano
• Trofarello
• Perreno
• Arluno
• Cassina
• Varedo
• Vinovo

Every man attracted to wearing comfortable yet stylish European-style shirts will really be pleased about having VIA UOMO shirts. The quality fabrics and attention to detail make these shirts stand out from the traditional department store shirts where every man looks the same. Men notorious for caring about their look will love the look and feel of these distinctive and fashionable shirts. The fabrics are of the finest European quality, which cannot be found in average shirts. These shirts are truly for the more discriminating of men.

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