How to Get the Perfect Gift

Present-Buying season is upon us, and who better to discuss the art of gift giving than the very person who receives the most PR packages? Kidding! Kidding, but I mean, I do, but what does that have to do with gift giving? Anyhow, hello, Antoni here, and I will give you a few (mostly obvious) tricks to show you care about someone, even if you suck at buying for people other than yourself.

First things first, not being a good gift giver doesn’t make you a selfish or bad person, it only means that you suck at that one life skill. I used to be very bad at it, but then I became a social media addict (yes, I know and admit it and don’t care to “overcome” this “struggle”) and I realized that gift giving is actually pretty easy, here’s how I do it:

Amazon Wish Lists: This is one of my favorites, a lot of people have no idea they can make Amazon Wish Lists private…anyhow, at your own risk of finding some really weird wishes, head to your friends’ or relatives’ amazon wish lists and check there. That’s an easy way to shop, and you know they already “wished” for the best, inexpensive version of that, since they’ve been shopping and haven’t purchased it yet.

Good Reads: Do you know a reader? Yeah, I do too, it’s weird AF but it is what it is. Most readers I know have a Good Reads profile; this is a place where they can add books they’ve read recently, books they want to read, favorite authors and genres. It’s a great place to get inspiration about what to buy them. If you find it necessary, you can always write down their favorite authors and books and take it to your local book store, they’ll be able to recommend books for you based on their likes.

Instagram: People say a lot about what they wished their lives were like on Instagram. Think of it this way, people don’t post any of the bad on Insta unless it’s funny like a coffee place misspelling a name, or something spilling, but for the most part, people post the very best, some of which isn’t even true about their lives. I actually saw a guy in a bathing suit in cold-a** weather, lying down on a sandbox in a park to take a selfie. I’m sure it was tagged something like #sunnymiami even though he was in upstate New York freezing his twins off. My point is simple, pay attention, the life they want is often indicative of what stuff they’d like. I’m not saying to buy someone the Gucci Slides they took a picture of while window shopping, but consider that really, those are just ugly slides with rhinestones on them…so…you know, get them that (or a sense of style, that will become useful.)

Facebook: Throughout the year (not necessarily around their birthdays) people post about things they want to buy or own, sometimes this is in the form of a “like” on an add, an actual post or a group they have joined. Throughout the year I keep a list of the people I know I will have to buy gifts for, people who are part of my holidays or whose birthdays actually matter. This is a surprisingly short list consisting of family and very close friends, everyone else will be fine with a “happy birthday” or “happy holidays” posted on their wall or a card sent to them if you’re feeling fancy. Anyhow, on this list I write things I see them post about and cross them out if they post a “finally got this!” with a picture…or without.

Gift Cards: This is NOT a good gift, let me reiterate, this is NOT a good gift. Let me explain: This is a gift that’s impersonal and can be purchased last minute. Acceptable situations to give a gift card is if it’s for a family with children and you don’t know what to get the children or a similar situation. That said, you also have to be sensitive to the people you’re gifting to, if it happens to be someone you know is a little tight on their budget, then maybe give them a Visa gift card, this allows them to spend it on whatever they want or need, like groceries without tying them to one store that might not be one they frequent or care for.

Over all, gifts are not as difficult as we think they are, they’re just time consuming, but if you’re getting someone a gift, I bet they’re worth the time. Enjoy this process and buy yourself a gift while you’re at it, you deserve it!