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Origin Story: Antoni

Origin Story: Antoni

Dude, I know that all the other guys were all sentimental and shit about how they met and how Spazio came to be and all that, but I’m not part of that story, I mean, I am, but I’m not. Let me explain. I was cool before Spazio was a thing.

Okay, so, every YouTuber has this “story” in which they were just uploading because they had no friends, or they wanted to see what would happen, or they were just having fun, and let me tell you right now, that’s bullshit. I see right through that little charade. Here’s the truth: We live in a society that loves celebrity almost as much as it loves freedom, maybe even more, given some things happening. Each and everyone of us wants to be a celebrity, even the people who claim they don’t because they’re shy or reserved or anxious.

I wanted to be famous like everyone else  I knew, but none of us talked about it, we avoided talking about our frustrated egos as much as we avoided a meal that wasn’t Instagram worthy, and then I decided to download an app that had come out recently for live streaming, and I don’t know, I guess I got to it before the actual celebs, so it took off. Now, say what you will about instant celebrity and young people with no talent and all that, but I’ll tell you something, if we make it, we’re smart. Growing in social media is a crash course in business, I had to learn about production, about sales, taxes, opening a company, hiring people, managing a crazy schedule, deductibles, and so much more.

It might look like I spend my life on my phone, and that’s because I do, I post on instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, YouTube, I also make stories for instagram and upload to IGTV which is different than YouTube, I use reddit, deviantart (and I don’t even art!) and yes,  I used to use Google plus. I do refuse to use Linkdin. I just flat out refuse.

Anyhow, I’m working my way up, I want to write a book soon, why not? But my main thing was: I wanted to start a clothing brand, not what everyone else is doing, I wasn’t interested in fan t-shirts, mugs and posters and I didn’t want to start a Patreon either, so instead I started contacting brands and getting hung up on…a lot. No matter, I’m a lucky guy, and the brand came to me. Hassan contacted me when he was starting the Spazio website to see if I would advertise their stuff on a video, but I didn’t like that idea very much if I could get more for my work.

Here I am now, part of the foursome…I don’t think they’d like me calling us that. They’re cool guys, y’know, but they were desperately missing in the fun department. I’m fire, I bring youth to this company of old…ish men who are way too serious.

Oh, yeah, so I got off track, I was telling you my story. This happens you vlog too much, you know? Anyway, I was uploading things to YouTube after the live streaming began working. My lighting sucked, my editing skills sucked, my editing software sucked, my camera sucked and I had no microphone which means that my sound sucked. I’m pretty sure the few people who watched me did it for the cringe, and I thank them eternally because if it hadn’t been for those initial views I would have given up. I’ve never really been a hard worker at things that don’t give me a return.

I didn’t give up, I worked my ass off, y’know “I started from the bottom, now I’m here” sorta deal. I like my life, I’m not going to complain about the stress, the fact that my schedule doesn’t seem to ever stop, the fact that sometimes the most sleep I get in a week is on a plane, the fact that I don’t get to stop, even if I’m sick, I don’t get to complain about any of that because I’m what most people wish they were, a mild celebrity. Known enough to have a following and a fan base but unknown enough to never have a paparazzo after me. Maybe that’ll change soon, one can only hope.

P.S. I’m meant to be a star, even my signature looks like one.